Friday, 8 August 2008

The Stupidity Olympics

I thought that as the olympics started today i would start my own stupidity olympics.

Relay Race
The group who comes up with stupid arguments together as a team effort
Silver:the catholic church
Bronze:answers in Genesis

The Marathon
The person who says something stupid whenever they open their mouth
Gold:David Robertson
Silver: Johnny who keeps leaving posts on my blog
Bronze: Spacefoetus

100m Sprint
The one-off stupid arguments
Gold:Way of the masters banana argument
Silver:william lane craig for claiming he is a scholar
Bronze:Andy Macingtosh for claiming the second law of thermodynamics contradicts evolution when he is a professor in thermodynamics

The person who is more interested in fighting you rather than giving arguments
Gold:Kelp, who bans me from the forum
Silver: Bob Turkel (who claims to be JP Holding) for encouraging everyone behind my back to call me stupid
Bronze:Mountain Man for trying to ban me to

I might think up some other chategories and give out more awards as the olympics goes on


MrFreeThinker said...

Who's David Robertson?
Perhaps you should say what arguments you think spacefoetus and johnny made that were stupid.
Hey Mike did you ever read a Christian book? or do you always read atheist books?

Anonymous said...

wooo hooo...

i got a silver. ;)


Kelp(p) said...

Yay! I won! "We are the Champions" plays in the background.

But in all seriousness, it's really not Mountain Man or I who banned you, it's the entire staff, our decision-making process is very group-involved. If MM or I had actually done something wrong in banning you, we would have been disciplined by our higher-ups and you would have been reinstated.

I would also point out that MM has engaged your arguments before (I'm not much of a debater in the Atheist vs. Christian field, so I never touched them either way) as well as the fact that I have NO wish to limit your participation on Tweb, I am just following the rules of the site.

Not that you actually have any wish to dialog with me on this issue and will continue unjustly defaming the character of our website and of me personally, but I just thought I'd throw this comment out there.

See ya later, liar.

lilpixieofterror said...

I see that Mikey can't stop heaping public shame upon himself.

Mike is Wright said...

David robertson makes money of richard dawkins hard work by publishing books like the dawkins letters which is full of lies such as claiming atheists have faith

Spacefoetus said...

Crap, I only won bronze.

Sir-Think-A-Lot said...

I didnt get an award?

Now my feelings are hurt...

mig_killer2 said...

dude, I didn't get an award what the ****?

Chaotic Void said...

And we all know who won Platinum Overall...

Mike Wright for being an idiotic liar who can never admit that he's wrong.

Anonymous said...


If you want, i'll trade the silver for the bronze. You did a great job on the debate.