Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Was Jesus crucified?

I would firstly like to welcome the wiggan crossfitter to my blog. It's nice to have someone intelligent visit my blog once in a while instead of these xian idiots. Ignore what the xians say, my arguments are top notch.

Now xians believe that jebus was crucified and then paul became an xian after jebus died. But how come then Paul says "Jesus, who is called Justus, also sends greetings." in Colossians 4:11? It appears that Paul thinks Jebus was alive and well living with him. Thus he must have survived crucifiction and Paul hid Jebus in his cave.


Spacefoetus said...

You know, OTHER people can be called Jesus

Sir-Think-A-Lot said...

You know Jesus was a fairly common name back abotu 2000 years ago right?

On a couple more minor notes:

"Now xians believe that jebus was crucified and then paul became an xian after jebus died."

Indeed by Pauls own admission(and the record of Luke) he perescutaed Christians in the years immidently following Jesus's death.

Also what do you mean by "Paul hid Jebus in his cave."? I'm sure as a pharasee Paul had a perfectly nice house. There is a record of Paul working as a tent maker, but none of him living in a cave.

Sir-Think-A-Lot said...

ah crap I was gonna point this out but I posted too soon:

Thers no record in the Gospels or elsewhere of Jesus being called Justus. He was called Jesus of Nazzarath, and by Pauls time was called simply 'Jesus Christ' but never Justus. So I think we can safely assume that Paul was refering to someone else named Jesus(and indeed may have pointed out his 'alternative' name as a way of distinguishing the two)

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many Mike Wrights there are in the world.... hmmm.


Drow Ranger said...

Mikey mikey mikey. This blog should be called the Unintelligence Zone because you are clearly a scrub of the highest order. That's like knowing Steve McQueen is dead, but finding his name in a phone book and saying "He's not dead, he's alive and living in West Virginia!"

Yes dude, it's called multiple people with the same name. I really can't believe you're actually this stupid.