Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog - this is my first post (although the rational people on here will be able to work that out for themselves) This blog is here to promote intelligence, reason, science, logic and freethought. Freethought means thinking for yourself, which means realising sky daddies don't exist. I will offer arguments that devastate religions so if you believe in god you better stop reading now (unless you are interested in the truth).

If you want to be bright then sign up here Basically I have and doing so means you are officially ratrional and intelligent.

Now atheists have a reputation for being arrogant and unwelcoming. Obviously this is not true (we don' go bombing abortion clinics and flying planes into buildings whereas most people ho believe in silly god do) Just to show how friendly I am I will also like to welcome all god-delusioned visitors to this blog. You may be stupid believing in all that stuff but I still welcome you and hope you enjoy reading this blog and who knows, doing so might teach you to think properly.

Dont forget that you can comment on stuff.

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spacefoetus said...

Funny, I've never bombed an abortion clinic or flew a plane into a building and neither have any of my other theistic friends.

I DO however, remember the fact that millions of innocent people were killed under athiestic regimes in the Soviet Union and China. More deaths in those situations that any religeous episode of violence.

Still though, i hope your blog is intelligent as you say.