Friday, 18 April 2008

A hilarious video - a must watch

I've just seen this hilarious video. I quite metaphorically couldn't stop laughing. It's basically something Richard Dawkins has made which takes the mick out of creationists by comparing creationism to saying that storks deliver babies. It then has people moaning that stork theory isn't taught in schools and the punch line is Richard Dawkins saying 'if storks deliver babies then who delivers the stork?' I really can't see why theists can't see the beauty of he argument 'who made God?' Anyway, watch the video and be prepared for a creat comedy sketch! I would give it 10/10

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Spacefoetus said...

Firstly, the video wasn't that funny at all, although its a pretty good idea and thats a matter of opinion.

Secondly, the film "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" deals with Intelligent Design not YEC or OAC.

But Intellignet Design is not as ridiculous as the "Stork Theory". Firstly, we KNOW that humans are created due to sexual intercourse and that no stork has EVER been observed to deliver a baby.

However, there is a lot of evidence for the existence of God (or at least a god).

And Evolution does have some problems with it that I have never seem resolved. I realise that this does not mean that they are unresolvable, it does show however that every theory shoudld be open to testing and falsification. The worrying thing is though, it seems that questioning the theory may result in, dare I say it, persecution.

And when you are persecuted for beliefs that will probably not effect your work, that IS a bad thing.