Thursday, 17 April 2008

Jesus was never crucified

Whilst I was doing my usual trick of browsing Youtube for new arguments I came across this which shows that Jesus was never crucified.

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spacefoetus said...

First of all, the video claims that the tex is called "the Apocylyspe of Peter"- this is technically untrue. A completely different document know as the "Apocylpse of Peter" was discovered before the text that the video mentions and records a supposed vision that Peter, a favourite figure in the emerging church at the time, recieving visions of both Heaven and Hell. Heaven is shown to be a place of beauty where people sing all day while the Hells section records an unbiblical view of Hell as an eternal torture chamber that has sinners being punished creativly according to their sins.

The document in the video is actually called "The Gnostic Apocylypse of Peter". It is own of the many "New Testament Apocyrpha" which are not included in the New Testament due to their heretical ideas and sheer historical innacuracy. The text was probably written about 200 years after the crucifixtion and so was not written by eye witnesses unlike the True Gospels.

I also find it amusing that you use this to prove that Jesus was never crucified. So, you believe that Jesus was in the process of being executed but, because he could not die as he was a man from another world, he vanished from the cross, materialsed beside Peter and mocked those who thought they were crucifing him? No? Then why beleive ANYTHING the Gnostic Apocylypse of Peter says?