Thursday, 17 April 2008

Stupid Dumb Creationists

I appears that snakes once had legs! Yet more evidence for evolution and more difficulties for creationists. Also on the news it appears that they are putting Darwin's first draft of the origin of species online. This should be an invaluable source when debating stupid dumb creationists.

Finally watch Richard Dawlins explain how stupid Francis Collins is here.


Michael said...

Great post - I don't know why people still believe in such nonsense.

Mike is Wright said...

Great to see you've found my blog Michael. There will be more gret posts to come.

spacefoetus said...

I agree with you that YEC is flawed not only scientifically but with their interpretation of Genesis.

Still though, I'm not COMPLETELY sold on evolution. It seems to be true, but theres a few problems with it that I've never seen resolved.

Still though, YECs could argue that the snake once having legs agrees with their worldview because in Genesis ater the serpant texts Eve, God curses him to crawl on his belly, suggesting that the first snakes did indeed have legs.